All American Diesel, LLC
Owned & Operated By Keith Kerns

700 Interstate Business Park
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Office (540)373-6193
 Cell (540)446-7276

I just bought an f350 dually in Fl were they do not do inspections and found it needed a lot of work underneath. Keith was fair and honest shooting it straight on what was needed and what might be around the corner. Driving it up here I heard a lot of wobbling and vibrating.Rides smooth as heck now. Thanks AAD! See ya soon for the bullet proofing. 11/30/16- back at all American diesel for a fuel problem, also my radiator was leaking and I was having a Mishimoto radiator installed that I bought online along with a coolant filter system. As stated before I bought this truck used from an auction so its giving me all kinds of problems. Fuel was not being sent to the engine properly, came in and got an estimate for that and some drivetrain and 4 x 4 issues. Keith is honest and at the end of the day I paid less than what he quoted me because he was able to fix some problems they didn't need repair. This is my go to shop now. Not only is the work excellent but the owner is excellent and most importantly honest.

Hector Nunez

If you've been looking for the right place to have your vehicle serviced,you should seriously look no further than All American Diesel. LLC. 

I honestly can't imagine trusting anyone else with my vehicle, no matter the problem. They take pride in their work and it  is your best bet for a thorough and professional repair or tune up of your vehicle."

Duane From Stafford
A BIG shout out to Keith Kerns. He is always there for me. I am traveling and he is only a phone call away and always makes me feel so much better about my diesel. He is a great diesel mechanic and knows his stuff always able to answer questions. He owns All American Diesel in Stafford, VA. If you need work done he is always fair and honest give him a call.

Sandy From Stafford